Sun outages and your CenturyLink® Prism® TV service

Sun outages occur twice a year during the spring and fall equinoxes. During an equinox, the position of the sun can overwhelm satellites that send CenturyLink the signals for the channels we broadcast.

UPDATE: Sun outages near the fall 2017 equinox could be possible from 10/04/17 through 10/11/17.

Sun outages may cause some distortion or interference in your television service

PLEASE NOTE: Sun outages affect all television providers, not just CenturyLink® Prism® TV.

You may experience problems with picture and sound quality that could last up to 15 minutes a day over several days. Different channels may be affected at different times. And, your DVR recordings may also be impacted.

Your service will be restored automatically after the outage. You do not need to take any action like resetting your set-top box.

Sun outages do not affect phone or Internet service.

CenturyLink is committed to providing you advanced television service. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience as a result of the sun outages.