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What to expect on your first bill

Because it can include prorated and one-time charges, the first bill is often higher than normal. So there are no surprises, here's what you can expect.

Pay your bill online

Pay online by creating an account, or if you're in a hurry, skip that step and get in and out fast.

Online Quick Bill Pay

Make one-time bill payments the quick way with online Quick Bill Pay. No login required.

What to expect with your closing bill

When you cancel service, a closing bill is generated immediately. Depending when you disconnect, you may also receive 1 to 2 follow up bills.

Tour the CenturyLink bill

Using this interactive tour is an easy way to learn what terms mean and where important sections are located on your bill.

Online bill payment with MyAccount

With MyAccount, paying your CenturyLink bills online is fast and easy.

Preventing unauthorized bill charges

Steps to take when unexpected charges appear on your bill.

How to pay your Verizon Wireless bill

Pay your bill online, by phone, by mail or in person.

Prepaying your bill

If you'd like to prepay your bill in advance, you can!

Methods accepted for bill payment

Choose the payment method that's best for you.

Pay your bill with your smartphone

Review your options for paying your CenturyLink bill with a mobile device.

Taxes, fees, and surcharges on your bill

Understand how and why your services are taxed, and how the funds are used.

How to pay your DIRECTV bill

Pay your bill online, by phone, by mail or in person.

Quick Bill Pay for smartphones

Pay bills from your smartphone with Mobile Quick Bill Pay from CenturyLink.

Changing your billing address

Help with changing the address to which we mail your bill and important account information.

Manage one bill instead of two, when you have DIRECTV

Combine your DIRECTV and CenturyLink bills.

To have someone else pay your bill

Find out how CenturyLink bills can be paid by someone other than the account holder.

Not getting emails about your bill?

Try these tips if you're having trouble receiving the email alerting you that your monthly bill's available online.

Paying your bill with saved payment information

Saving your payment source for later use is a benefit of paying your bill with My Account.

Wondering when you'll see your bill credit?

Where you're at in your billing cycle impacts when adjustments are applied to your account.

Simplify your life with paperless billing

Instead of a paper bill in the mail, get an email in your inbox.

How paper billing works with AutoPay

You'll continue to receive a paper bill unless you specifically tell us you no longer want one.

Understanding one-time charges on your bill

One-time charges on your bill might be the cause of it being higher than normal. Learn what these charges are, why they are on your bill, and where to find them.

Not seeing a recent payment reflected on your online bill?

If your recent payment isn't appearing online, consider these possible explanations first.

MyAccount Mobile Bill Pay

Pay your CenturyLink bill on the go with My Account Mobile Bill Pay.