Setup Wi-Fi on the Cisco DDR2200 

To connect to the Wi-Fi on the Cisco DDR2200, you will need a Security Key. The default security key is the SN (serial number) with a 0 added to the beginning.

  • SSID: DDR2200 (default)
  • Security Key:  0 + SN 

If SN is:

Then Key would be: 0150068926

Walk-Through to Edit Wi-Fi Settings

1. Abre un navegador web y ve a

  • Username: user
  • Password: user

2. Select "Home Network". Select "Wireless". Select "Basic".

3. Check the "Enable Wireless" box. Make the desired changes:

  • SSID: DDR2200 (default)
  • Channel:
  • BSSID:
  • Wireless Mode:
  • 54G Protection: Auto
  • Enable WMM: checked (default)

Select "Save/Apply" 

4. Select "Home Network". Select "Wireless". Select "Security".

5. Select the following:

  • The SSID you just created.
  • Network Authentication:
  • Serial Number Encryption: (default)
  • Key:

6. Select "Save/Apply".

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