Welcome to Premium WiFi for CenturyLink® Fiber Internet

Premium WiFi is a smart system that optimizes your WiFi connection based on how you use devices throughout your home or small business. What does that mean to you? A stronger WiFi signal for your whole network, plus fewer dead spots. Learn more below.

What is Premium WiFi?

This smart WiFi system extends coverage with an adaptive wireless network that sends data to your devices using the most efficient WiFi connection available. So, as you move through your space, your device seamlessly finds the closest WiFi pod and connects to the strongest signal.


The service comes with an app (HomePass by Plume) that allows you to manage your whole network and individual devices. Set parental controls with age-based filters and website blocking, manage guest access, and more.

Premium WiFi pods

How does Premium WiFi work?

It all starts with your wall-mounted Smart Network Interface Device (SmartNID) and two WiFi pods that extend coverage. This trio of devices work together to create a single, seamless wireless network.


During configuración, one WiFi pod is connected directly to the SmartNID, and an additional pod is placed elsewhere in your space to extend the WiFi signal. The cloud-based A.I. learns and adapts to how you use your connected devices, then optimizes the connection to each device based on that information.

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