Cuánto demora procesar tu pago

Cuando te pagar en línea, en persona o por teléfono, your payment is considered accepted pending settlement, and your account is in good standing, the same day. There are some important exceptions to this rule: if you pay in person or on the phone with the assistance of a CenturyLink agent on a weekend or federal holiday, it will be considered accepted the next business day.

Si pagar por correo postal, your payment should be accepted pending settlement within 10 days of the mailing date.

It usually takes 3-5 days for the payment to be fully settled with the financial institution from which you made your payment. But don't worry; as long as the payment was accepted by your due date, you'll be in good standing while the payment settles.

Con AutoPay, your payment is always on time. But take note: Your first automatic payment will occur one or two billing cycles after you enroll, so you must continue to pay your bill in your usual way until you receive a bill that indicates that the balance will be automatically paid.

If you'd like, learn more about the different ways to pay your bill.

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