Guide to the modem settings GUI

What's a GUI, you ask? It sounds like "gooey" and stands for "graphical user interface." It's just a fancy tech term for the secure website where you go to manage your modem settings. Conoce más sobre what you can do in the modem GUI and how to use it.

If you have a CenturyLink "modem," it's actually much more than a modem. It controls your whole WiFi network and functions as a router. The modem GUI is where you go to do the following, and much more. See the section at the bottom of this page for a complete list of options.

GUI Area Most Used Options


Check status of DSL, Ethernet, and WiFi connections

See WiFi channel and signal strength


Create a 2nd network

Change security type

Update network name or password


Reboot or reset your modem

Back up and restore settings

Actualizar el firmware

Advanced *

Initial setup of your network connection

Change admin name or password

Control IP settings

Manage access controls and blocking (for users without WiFi Seguro)


* Some advanced options are best for advanced users who have some experience with IT or networking.

How to sign in to the secure modem settings

Follow the steps below to open and sign in to the secure site.


Avisos importantes:

  • You must be connected to your home network to access this web page; if you try to open the link from another location, it will not load. 
  • Note that the URL starts with http (not https); for this reason, many browsers will flag it as a security risk. Rest assured, it's safe!

Overview of the modem settings menu

Once you sign in, you see a main menu with five options. Open the sections below to see settings available in each area. Note that features vary slightly by modem, so options listed here may not be available on all modem types.

La estado del módem area shows several options to check on your network connections, devices, and functions. 

  • Estado del Firewall
  • Tabla de dispositivos
  • Tabla de NAT
  • Tabla de enrutamiento
  • Tabla QoS
  • Tabla de recursos

Quick Setup provides a quick and easy place to enter setup credentials, if needed, when first installing and activating your modem. The PPP username and password are needed to connect to the CenturyLink network and get internet access. In many cases, these are preset before you receive your modem. If you are resetting a modem or need to reenter these for any reason, you can chat with our support agents para recibir asistencia.

Las configuraciones inalámbricas de tu módem controlan la red WiFi en tu hogar. Many of our modems have 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz options that you can control separately.

La utilities are tools that help you manage and test your modem equipment. 

Configuraciones avanzadas give you even more control over your modem setup, including blocking, IP addressing, and security options. Most of these settings are best for tech-savvy folks; altering these settings without the right knowledge can lead to equipment failure.

Bloqueo y filtros
(parental controls)

Otras configuraciones

LAN settings / IP addressing

Configuraciones de WAN

Administración remota

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